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One of the events my work is hosting to celebrate Women’s History Month this year is an Art Show.  All the artists that were selected are students and from what I’ve seen so far, they are all extremely talented.  One of the pieces triggerd something in me.  It’s called “Remembering the Little Girl Inside”.  It made me start to think about the girl I used to be.  I was what many people would call a “tomboy”,  but only because of our society’s traditional gender roles.  I played team sports (softball and field hockey) from age 5 to age 17.  I spent the majority of my non-school time outside in the woods with my dog Kisses and when kids moved into the neighborhood they would join us too.  I rode my bike downtown (about a mile) every day during the summer and again explored the woods and the town with my friends who lived in town.  I was shy but confident, I was curious, loved to explore, had lots of fun and was carefree.  I had the perfect family.  They loved and supported me in whatever I wanted to do and they still do to this day.

Many things have changed since I was that adventurous and carefree little girl.  My parents divorced and that drug out for 6 years.  I moved from my sweet little town of 600 people where everyone knew my name to go to a college in a big city where people didn’t pay me any mind.  At that time I became much more shy and even set my schedule so that I could go home on Thursday morning and not have to come back to the city until Monday afternoon.  I was also trying to get home to my boyfriend (who’s now my husband) who was going to school back home.  I went to college for Photography and quickly learned that there wasn’t many classes for that major.  It was mostly just an art degree with two extra photography classes.  The art students were much more confident and even cocky about their talent and that made me withdraw even more.  If it weren’t for my first Women’s Studies class I may have withdrawn even further.  Women’s Studies really opened up my eyes and helped me to gain some of my confidence back.  I really turned around when I took the leadership training from the Women’s Center (where I work now).  It helped me to come out of my shell more because I met some really amazing young women and realized they had a lot of the same issues and feelings that I did and many of them were just as shy, if not more.

So, now that I’m even more confident, I’m trying to remember more how I was as a little girl and take that approach to life.  I want to be as adventurous and confident, but also spend more time outside.   I work a 8-5 job that keeps me indoors all day.  I started my herb garden so I would make myself go outdoors more while at home once Spring hits.  I also want to connect more with nature because I think it was a source of strength for me as a girl.

I also just want to have more fun.  You know, girls just want to have fun!

Who were you as a girl?  Are you where you thought you’d be?


It’s a beautiful day and Jackson is napping so I decided to take my indoor herbs (and myself) outside for some much needed sun.  So far I have sprouts on not just the Tarragon, but also the Dill and my two Basils.  I did two Basils because I made an extra pot by accident and had an old pack of seeds from last year.  I thought I was going to try a garden last year but it didn’t happen for one reason or another.  I’m surprised actually that I have sprouts from the old pack.  I guess they don’t go bad.  Anyway, here are some pictures of my sprouts.  While I was walking around I also caught this cool picture of a bee and one of my dahlia bush which smells amazing!

Seriously, things are crazy right now.  That’s not to say that there isn’t always some crazy thing going on in the world.  It just seems like right now earth is erupting.  As far as I know, here are a few things that have happened recently to compel me to write this post:

There have been several republican attacks on the collective uterus and Planned Parenthood.  One of the bills that Republicans have introduced would allow emergency room doctors to refuse to perform abortions in order to save the life of the woman/mother.  Hello, what happened to “pro-life”?  Don’t we care about the life of the woman/mother?  I mean, I know women are still considered second class citizens to men, but are they really saying they want to let women die?  They obviously don’t value us as human beings, just baby machines.  Also, last time I checked, abortion was legal in this country and every woman has the right to make her own reproductive choices.  That law has not changed.  Don’t like abortion?  Then don’t have one!  What has changed is that these Republican psycho’s have tried to find loop holes to prevent women from being whole persons.  By that I mean they want to take away our freedom.  Men don’t have ANY restrictions on what they do with their body, so why should women?  There are PLENTY of women out there who want to have babies (myself included) and keep the human race going.  We are not going to run out of people, people!  We should not have to re-fight this battle to gain control over our own bodies.  That’s the fight my mother’s generation (“The Second Wave”) already won. 

Besides the people who like to jump on band-wagons, what has happened to these people who are inciting this violence against women to make them feel they should terrorize us and take away our basic freedoms?  Every child should be a wanted and a loved child that can be provided for by their parents.  My son is almost 2 and I can’t imagine not providing for him all the love he deserves or being able to feed him and put clean clothes and diapers on him.  I would not have considered even having a child if I were not able to provide those basic things.  I was lucky enough to have health insurance to cover my birth control and present enough to remember to take it every day.  I have never faced an unplanned pregnancy.  In fact, Jackson was the most planned pregnancy in the history of the world probably. LOL  I even went to the doctor to find out what I need to do to prepare myself to get pregnant.  How many people do that?  Probably not many.  By the way, she told me to take pre-natal vitamins and get to it!

          While I’m on this topic, did you hear Mike Huckabee attack Natalie Portman for being pregnant and unmarried (I guess engaged isn’t good enough for him).  Women just can’t win with these people!  They don’t want us to have abortions, but they also don’t want us to be unwed when we’re pregnant, and yet you want to take away access to birth control for millions of women by trying to defund Planned Parenthood.  Do they want us to jump up and down and pat our heads and rub our tummies too?  Did they miss science class or family life?  Do they not understand how reproduction works?  Do they not realize that most women are fertile every month.  Do they not see the high rates of teen pregnancy, or do they and not realize that it means teens are having sex without being given healthy comprehensive sex education?  Have they not had sex or at least good sex?  I mean, seriously, it’s fun and people naturally want to have more of it.  Sex is not going away so we need to provide women and men with access to a wide range of birth control options (because not one type of method works for every woman), condoms,  information about STD’s, STD testing, pap smears, etc…  That’s what Planned Parenthood does.  And yes, they also provide abortions, but it is still legal and women still have the right to choose that option if they want.  They also provide prenatal care and breast exams for cancer.  Right now I can’t get the image of the Cat In The Hat out of my mind.  That book has a few pages where the Cat is balancing all kinds of things.  I feel like that’s what they want us to do and it’s impossible.  If you’ve read that story then you know he falls and drops everything.  Hi rock, meet hard place.

Hey crazy people!  Stop trying to control my uterus!

Hey sisters!  Stand up for your rights or they’ll take them away!

Today Bill and I went to Lowe’s.  We’re trying to decide what to do with our back yard.  It’s a decent size and came quite beautifully landscaped.  It has a large deck and a nice size garden area.  The deck wood is coming up in a few places and starting to split in others.  I guess we should have asked the previous owner about yearly maintenance for things like the deck and the porch.  So far the porch is fine, but that’s probably because it’s covered.  We can’t do anything about that now.  We had a brand new baby soon after we moved in so we didn’t really have the time or energy to do much with the yard that first year.  So, now we’re toying with the idea of pulling up the deck and planting grass.  This way Jackson would have a yard to play in and we wouldn’t worry so much about him falling down and hurting himself.  There’s also a rock path that we might take up.  He loves rocks, but there are plenty of those elsewhere to play with.  So, we checked out different grass seeds and Bill found this seed spreader that he was quite excited about.  It doesn’t take much to entertain him I guess. 🙂  I suggested we give the wood to Re-Store instead of just throwing it away.  It’s still good for something and I hate to waste.  Gotta recycle!  While we were there we saw some flower bed boarders that were just wooden posts.  We currently have metal boarders and those make me nervous when Jackson is out there playing.  That shouldn’t cost too much since they’re only $3.67 each and we’d only need like 10-15.

Bill is trying to convince me to also cut the garden in half.  I am trying to convince him that I want to use the full garden this year.  He played in the garden last year and this year I want to try out my green thumb.  While we were in Lowe’s we talked about what we would actually use if we planted it.  I would really like to grow herbs since we cook with them a lot.  I would also like to grow some berries (strawberries, black berries, and raspberries).  For vegetables I’d like to plant red and green peppers, zuccini, squash, tomatoes, and either sweet peas or green beans.  We’ll see how that goes.  For now I have started the following herbs in little pots that I can plant in the ground later:  basil, sage, rosemary, cilantro/corriander, parsley, dill, and tarragon.  I’m very proud of myself for planting them.  I have been wanting to get back outside and get in touch with Mother Earth (yes, I said it), so I’m quite happy at what I’ve done so far.  I enjoyed getting my hands dirty.  I just hope they take and I’ll have something to show for it.  That will give me encouragement for when we plant the veggies and fruits.  I’ve got them sitting on the kitchen table with a lamp for light on cloudy days.

Fingers crossed that I have a green thumb!

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