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Yes, I’m channeling The Go Go’s this week.  This Friday is officially the start of my yearly vacation!  We’re headed to our favorite spot in South Carolina and taking with us my best friend Lisa and her awesome husband Kevin.  I’m so excited!  This year Jackson will really be able to appreciate the beach and he’s more self-sufficient so it will be lots of fun.

On a side note, I did not say the specific location of our vacation getaway because I’m no fool and know how to be “cyber safe”.  If you don’t, then check out this website:  http://haltabuse.org/  My friend Jayne Hitchcock is an expert on cybersafety and has taught me a lot of things.  You should learn them too.  It’s WAY easy for people to cyber stalk nowadays because of the amount of personal info we freely share online so learn as much as you can to try to stay safe.

Anyway, back to vacation!  Lisa and Kevin are bringing their awesome margarita machine and their homemade pesto for pizzas.  It’s going to be a delicious week!  I’m also bringing all our games and knitting so there will be plenty to do and I’m sure lots of giggles.  Lisa and I tend to giggle a lot.  We’ve been doing that from day one.  Thank goodness for her!  Everyone needs lots of giggles in their lives!

Y’all have fun working!  I’m on vacation time (well almost)!


I’m a curvy girl and after I got pregnant and had my son I was left with a distorted version of my former self.  I referred to my stomach as an amoeba because it was left misshapen from being stretched out.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my beautiful baby Jackson.  It’s just that now I have to deal with the “momma belly”.  I love how it’s soft and squishy for him to lay on when we’re cuddling on the couch watching videos I’ve made of him on my phone.  I’m glad I have it for that reason.  However, I want to make it a little more toned and less misshapen.  But how do I do that?

As I’ve mentioned before, I was pretty athletic growing up.  I played softball from t-ball through high school.  I played field hockey all through high school.  I rode my bike to town and back pretty much everyday during the summer.  Town was about a mile away.  Then, when I got to town, I rode all over town playing with my friends.  I was always active.  Something changed once I got to college.  Maybe it was not really having a place outside I felt safe going, or maybe it was because I was so shy and didn’t want to leave my room.  I got a job and that kept me inside too.  It has been sort of a downward spiral since then. 

I will admit that Bill and I have talked a few times lately about when we might have our next baby.  It may be soon, or it may be later.  Either way, I would like to get back into a little bit of shape before that time arrives.  I just want to be stronger and be able to chase Jackson around in the yard and play with him without being too tired.  So, I devised a plan.  Or at least I thought I had. 

I cancelled my gym membership at work after a fiasco with the pool hours.  I was swimming a few times a week and feeling great.  Then they changed the pool hours so I couldn’t go.  Anyway, I was thinking I would start up my membership again and ask one of their trainers to help me out.  I do better when I have someone telling me what I need to be doing (not bossing me around but actually telling me what will help me get where I want to be).  Then I thought of my friend Heather who works there and had a baby not too long ago herself.  I wonder if she could be my trainer.  She knows how to get mommy bellies back in to shape, or at least her own. 

However, I haven’t been able to get myself over there to sign back up and I haven’t emailed Heather either.  I think my will not to conform to “ideal” beauty standards is getting in my way.  I need to remind myself that THAT is not my goal and get my ass over there!

P.S. I walked by a “Health & Wellness” newspaper and it had a woman’s flat belly on the cover.  I refuse to buy into anything that objectifies women.  That’s probably also slowing me down because so many “get in shape” gimmicks do that.  This is going to be a long process.

I was singing in the car on the way home today and wishing I could really carry a tune.  Sure, I sing for Jackson all the time, but you won’t see me up on stage or in the recording studio.  There are a lot of female singers that I admire, but they’re all pretty different.

-Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill (fav song “Rebel Grrrl”)

-Adele (that grrrl’s got soul!)

-Brandi Carlisle (amazingly unique and strong voice)

-Janis Joplin (love her bluesy growl)

-Aretha (Queen of Soul)

-Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (she just kicks ass)

-Susan Tedeschi (talk about blues!)

-Joan Jett (original kick ass rocker grrrl)

I guess there’s some similarities there…soul, blues, and rock n’ roll.  I wish I could sing like any of them.  I love the strength in their voices.  So confident and so strong.  I’m confident and strong, I just can’t sing like it.  Maybe I’ll just sing anyway…at least in the car.  🙂

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