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Jackson wants to watch “the kitties”, so let’s watch it together:

He also wants you to know that the soundtrack is “Dawn’s favorite song”.

We’re chilling on the couch this morning on our first day of vacation.  I should be doing laundry and packing but he woke up with a slight fever this morning so I’m taking it easy and making sure he’s alright.  Yep, his head is much cooler.  I have learned a lot about being a Mommy.  When he got sick the very first time I freaked out and worried and didn’t know what to do.  After a few times of him getting a fever and having allergy issues I learned all his little signs that told me how he was doing.  Makes you feel good. 🙂

Anyway, it’s time to start moving around.  Maybe I can get him down for a nap and get some laundry and packing done.  I am ready to be at our vacation location already!

Thanks to awesome friends Stephanie and Brad for looking after the house for us while we’re gone.

Can’t wait to hang out with my bestie for a whole week, eat boiled peanuts, get some knitting done, and relax on the beach!  Ahhh vacation!


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