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I have been putting off updating y’all about the end of birthday month because, well, I didn’t want it to end.  You can probably see why after having read all the fun things I’ve done to celebrate my special day.  Seriously, this is not just something I think I should be doing.  This is something everyone should do, and I’d be happy to help you celebrate!  We don’t give ourselves enough pats on the back and little treats here and there.  I’m not talking about being conceited or buying ourselves extravagant presents.  I’m talking little things to make ourselves happy so everything else in life seems a little bit brighter.

I’m not going to go day to day for the end of the month, I found out I don’t enjoy the daily updates as much as I thought I would.  It’s too much pressure.  I’m thinking a weekly blog is plenty, unless something noteworthy comes up in between.  So, I will tell you of the last few things I did to celebrate the big 3-0.  The day after my birthday when I returned to work we had chocolate cake to celebrate.  It was delicious, but SOOO sweet I could only eat a little piece.  I got a nice card signed by everyone in the office and a travel ODU coffee mug.  Bill has already confiscated that since he drinks coffee everyday and I only have it some weekends.  We had our weekly dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant with Brad and Stephanie and this time Emily joined us.  Jackson was smitten with her.  He’s such a flirt!  We were all aflutter about the impending hurricane, Irene.  None of us knew what to expect.  We heard it would be bad, but then maybe not so bad.  So, we talked about our plans to hunker down.  Because of Brad’s job he had to be at work during the storm, so Stephanie was happy to have Emily stay with her so she didn’t have to be by herself.  I had Jackson and Bill with me and I was a mess through it all.  The storm was mostly on Saturday and for a large chunk of it they were talking about tornados in our area.  I kept one eye on Jackson and the TV and the other out the window looking for a funnel cloud.  It was not a fun day.  The wind and rain was pretty bad, but we got out of it with only two little leaks that we need to fix.  Our fence got pulled a little more loose, but we’ve been talking about replacing it anyway.  So, in my birthday week I had an earth quake, a hurricane, and oh yeah the wild fires in the Dismal Swamp sending smoke over here.  What the heck?  We were supposed to go to Joe’s Crab Shack with Lisa and Kevin, Stephanie and Brad, and Momma, but the storm delayed that to the next week.  I was also supposed to have a special dinner cooked for me by my daddy at his house.  I had requested fried fish or chicken and white gravy.  That’s planned for next weekend instead.

We did finally make it to Joe’s Crab Shack.  We rode the ferry over (for free, thanks ODU!) with Mom and Steph and Brad.  That was a really nice ride.  The weather was perfect!  Lisa and Kevin rode The Tide in, which we have still yet to do.  Dinner was DELICIOUS and so was the spiked sweet tea that I drank.  I can’t believe they came up with a sweet tea vodka.  I’m not a big drinker, but that was tasty.  Jackson was having fun looking around and watching people.  Then he discovered the little “park” inside the restaurant and had to go play.  Luckily he was with a bunch of his favorite people who happily took him to play on the slide.  He does love a good park.  We had a good time and luckily nobody sang.  That part is always a little awkward.  It would be more awesome if they sang The Beatles version.  Like this, from Sixteen Candles:

The ferry ride home in the dark was pretty cool too.  I was happy to have spent the evening with awesome friends and of course my momma.  LOVE my momma!  Without here there would be no birthday month.  And we get along so well.  Probably because we’re a lot alike.  We even wore the same color shirt to dinner.  Not planned of course.  It just happened that way.

Anyway, I had a fantastic birthday month and I thank everyone who helped me to celebrate!  It’s not about the presents, it’s about spending time with people you love and who make you happy.  I’ve got the best family and friends a grrrl could ask for!

Here’s some photos from our trip to Joe’s:

Ladies in Lavender


Taking a ride on "Jackson's boat"


Stephanie & Brad


Love my boys!


Ship in dry dock


Stephanie got a Shark Bite!


Lisa & Kevin


Check out Jackson's Dennis The Menace cowlick LOL


The gang


Lisa gone crazy legs!


Let's Get Crackin'!


Love my little family!


Love these girls!


Stephanie and Momma


Thanks for Birthday Month Momma!


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