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I know I am WAY behind on this whole blog thing.  I blame the first trimester blues.  I am 12 weeks pregnant with our 2nd bebe and finally starting to feel much more like myself.  When I was pregnant with Jackson the first trimester was a breeze.  No nausea, no exhaustion, just excitement and confusion about what I could and couldn’t eat.  This time I spent most of my time eating celery trying to get rid of the nausea and holding my head up with my hand at my desk trying not to fall asleep.  I was not prepared for that.  I’m not sure why I thought this one would be as easy, but I was way wrong.  I can only hope that the delivery will be much shorter and easier.  I am due June 30, 2012 along with two other friends. It’s random being due the same time as two other folks.  I guess that was a good night for all of us. LOL

Anyway, I’m happy to report that now that I’ve passed the 12 week mark I am not so exhausted and very rarely feel queasy.  I am starting to have little cravings.  Pickles and ice cream.  Yep, the old stand by.  Although, I do not crave these at the same time thank goodness.  You should have seen me scarf down the vanilla cone I got yesterday.  Usually it takes me a while to eat an ice cream cone.  Not this time!  Didn’t matter that it was cold outside.  I did share some with Jackson.  He was amazed that I ate the cone too.  He didn’t like the taste of that part.  More for me!

Jackson has been really sweet when I’ve talked to him about the baby.  He’s lifted up my shirt and put his head on my belly and said “aww I love you too baby” and “what are you doing in there baby? are you growing up in there?”.  He’s SOOOO cute!  I showed him the ultrasound picture and he said “oh you’re so cute!”.  I have the best little boy ever!  I just hope he does well when the baby arrives.

On a side note, I have to tell you I was super nervous before the first ultrasound.  Since I had an ectopic pregnancy the first time it made me wonder if it would happen this time.  Fortunately that was not the case.  Whew!  Big sigh of relief.  I had my first ultrasound with the same doctor that delivered Jackson.  However, she is retiring and that practice is no longer doing OB after January.  I was quite upset to find this out.  First of all it meant I was going to have to find another practice with female OB’s/midwives.  I am not cool with having a male OB.  Personal preference.  They gave me some suggestions and I did my research.  In the end, I chose a practice that my bestie Lisa and friend Morgan go to.  It’s near work and not far from home so I should be good. 

I had my first appointment with that practice a couple of weeks ago and really liked them.  Everyone was super nice and when I mentioned my ectopic pregnancy to the doctor she didn’t flinch when I told her I had the shots to expel the pregnancy.  I mean, that’s the only way to deal with an ectopic.  There’s no continuing it…the little bean was not alive and could have done some serious damage to my lady parts.  If I had been farther I would have had to have surgery to remove it.  Since they’re affiliated with a Catholic hospital I wasn’t sure what reaction to expect.  It was a planned/wanted pregnancy so it’s not like I chose to have to go through that.  It was hard and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.  But, luckily she was very understanding and knowledgeable about that whole process.  No funny looks so I was quite happy. 

I had the option of having the doctor to deliver me or go with the midwife practice.  I’m signed up to meet with the midwives this week.  I think I’ll try that and see if I can have this baby without the epidural.  Hopefully that will speed up the process.  I took the tour of the midwifery center and really liked what I saw.  The midwives I met were super nice and I’m excited about the shower and the huge tub options.  She did say that the majority of the women that start out there risk out or want an epidural.  I guess it’s not for everyone but I’d like to try it.  I think I could have delivered Jackson without the epidural if I had practiced my breathing before hand.  It was working to ease the contractions until I lost concentration.  Plus I was tied to the bed so there was no moving about.  I would have like to have been able to stand up and sway or something.  This time I will have the option.

My goal with this blog is to start posting belly pictures and doing weekly updates.  Now that I’m not so exhausted I should be able to accomplish that.


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