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Day 9: It was rainy so I broke out my rain boots which took me forever to find.  I don’t mean they were hiding somewhere in my house.  I mean it took me about a year to find boots that would fit my calfs.  Luckily, these come up just under my calfs.  they’re quite comfy and make me look like a biker.  I love not getting my pants legs wet while walking on campus.  Wet pants legs are my second pet peeve right below wet socks.  Terrible feeling! LOL  I really wanted purple ones, but I wanted dry pant legs more than I wanted the boots to be purple so I got the first ones that fit.


Day 10: Traffic from hell!  On Tuesday a couple cars decided to either break down or run into each other in the tunnel that I have to go through to get home.  This resulted in me sitting in traffic for an hour.  It was not fun, until I turned the radio up and started dancing to “Walking On Sunshine”.  The sun was not shining, but you can’t help but feel happy when that song comes on.  I’m just saying, you’ll do anything to pass the time in that kind of traffic.  Well, maybe not anything, but I’ll car dance for sure.


Day 11: Wednesdays are my Stitch A Bit days.  I started a knitting group on campus in 2006.  Since then I have taught 67 students to knit.  (This is Vee, #67).  It has been a lot of fun for me and I have met a lot of great students.  This is also where I met my bestie Lisa.  In 2006 she came to SAB and we hit it off so well we decided to go to lunch together.  When I spilled food on my shirt and we both pulled out our stain removers from our purse, we both knew we were kindred spirits and we’ve been best friends ever since.  She’s even been there for the birth of my son and will be there for the birth of this baby to be.  She keeps me sane and laughing.  Thank goddess for her!  I actually taught #’s 65-67 this night and they all three picked knitting up very quickly.  I was super impressed!


Day 12:  I had to walk across campus to a meeting.  It was a gorgeous day and I loved seeing all the students walking this way and that across the Mall.  I just had to capture a picture of it.  I didn’t want to be so obvious about what I was doing so part of the picture is a big crack in the pavement.  But you can see some of the comings and goings.



Today’s photo was actually taken last night but I love it so much I had to share. I was raised by not just my amazing Momma, but also two very important ladies who I call my second and 3rd Mommas. My Aunt Linda is my godmother and my dad’s sister. Oh boy did I love spending time with her, and still do. She can do and make anything and I’m not exaggerating. She’s so crafty! My dad’s the same way but Linda gives everything she does a little extra flair. And she does everything dressed impeccably well, matching accessories included. She was the first woman on the Town Council on our town and has been on it the longest. she is the reason I have a thing for office supplies too. She was an Admin Assistant at the local saw mill for a long time and of course was/is very organized. So that’s why I asked for Office Max gift cards for holidays and why I have more pens than god. I’ll show you a picture of my current pen collection so you can see (but that’s not technically my picture for today). Anyway there are many other reasons why I love my Aunt Linda and other ways she contributed to the woman I am today, but it would take me forever to write all those, especially since this post comes to you from my iPhone.
“Aunt” Gayle is not my aunt by blood but by love. She’s my dad’s best friend from childhood and is also my Mom’s best friend. She’s my sister’s godmother. We always go to her house for Christmas Eve and share lots of laughs. I love her whole family! I used to babysit her kids a little but they’re so close to my age I only did that a little, mostly it was my sister. We used to watch the Super Bowl at Gayle’s house and she’d make chili. We’ve outgrown that tradition though but I do miss it. What I got/get most from Gayle I’d have to say is laughter. Whenever our families get together we have the most fun. She’s just fun to talk to and be around.
Bill’s Mom Nancy didn’t raise me obviously but she mothers me now. She would do anything in the world or those she loves. However I’m convinced she’s trying to make me 300 lbs. LOL she shows her love by bringing us food and sweets. A soon as she knows you like something you can be sure you’re gonna get it. I can’t thank her enough for the wonderful man she raised! Bill is an amazing husband.
And I left my Mom til the end because she is the most amazing woman I know. She is loving, encouraging, inspiring, supportive, and always there when I need her. She and I are similar in many ways and I cherish her. She showed me that I can do and be anyone my heart desires and survive all the hurdles life throws at me. She is…there really isn’t a better word than Momma. It’s all encompassing. I am truly blessed to have her. Plus she’s a lot of fun to hang out with now that I’m all grown up.
So, here are my Mommas: (Left to Right) Gayle, Momma, Linda, Nancy


Today’s picture is of my husband Bill playing cornhole with his new boards that I had made for him for Christmas.  He was quite surprised and quite happy.  They have a Baltimore Ravens them.  My friend Sara, who I grew up with, her fiance made them.  He did a great job.  I hated hitting them with the corn bags they are so pretty.  If you want some made, I know a guy.  Bill had seen folks at the ODU football games playing at tailgate and drooled over them.  I think he thought he’d never get them, but I found a way to make it happen.  I’m crafty like that.  He deserves all the best because he is the most wonderful husband and father.  I’m very lucky to have him.  One thing I learned today is that I need to practice if I’m going to win any games.  I guess my throwing arm from my softball days is out of shape.


I figured it was time for a baby update.  I’m 15 weeks along now and feeling great!  The first trimester was a bear so I’m happy to be done with it.  However, now that I have finally gained weight I am starting to feel fuller and noticed my pants are a little more snug that I’m comfy with.  So, thanks to Meme, I’m taking my Christmas gift card to Kohl’s and attempting to buy some maternity pants that don’t look ridiculous.  Before I go I will try on my pants from when I was pregnant with Jackson but I’m not hopeful they’ll fit comfortably.  Plus, I have a gift card!  Maybe I’ll buy myself a new purse too.  When I downsized to a smaller purse I got one that was just a little too shallow so it doesn’t close all the time.  I can hear my mother now “Friday is clean out your purse day!”.  Yes, I could do that, or I could use my gift card and get one that will close even when I don’t have time to clean it out.

So, back to bebe.  I remember when I first felt the flutters of Jackson moving the first time.  I was on the massage table and was extremely relaxed.  This time I was, crap, where was I….well, the second time I was at a breakfast meeting listening to our fearless leader inspire us to be bold.  I think the first time I was just sitting on the couch at home.  I’ve already got baby brain.  Ugh, and I just got my memory all the way back too. LOL  It literally feels like a butterfly in your belly.  At first you’re like, wait, what was that.  Eventually it sinks in that your baby is moving around in there.  I am excited to really feel this one move later on in pregnancy.  It was so much fun to put my hand on my belly and feel his arm or butt stick out.  So strange and yet so amazing.

I have my next midwife appointment next Friday and I’m not sure what they’ll do.  I’ll be 16 weeks so does that mean bloodwork?  I’ll probably call and see because if that’s the case, then I’ll need Bill to drive me.  I suck at bloodwork.  I quickly pass out unless there is a master flabotomist doing the job.  I’ll probably get to hear the heartbeat again and hopefully an ultrasound.  Bill and I have decided to wait and find out what we’re having when the baby arrives.  That’s what we did with Jackson and it was a wonderful surprise.  Although, I have to admit, a little more of me wants to know.  I could never keep that secret though.  The family was flipping out thinking we might find out what he/she is and it was getting on my nerves so I said “nope, not gonna find out”.  Too much pressure.  And what the heck does it matter?  You know I’m not the pink/blue type mommy and it annoys me when people assign gender roles right away and talk to them differently or think about them differently.  I mean, obviously boys and girls are different, but the way our society has gender roles set up, girls get the short end of the stick and are talked down to.  So, I’d rather delay that just in case I’m having a girl.

On another note, Jackson seems to be quite excited about his baby sister or brother.  We got him a baby doll for Christmas to teach him to be nurturing and get used to a baby and so far he’s been so good with it.  He even snuggled with it and said “Oh, I got you baby.  Here, take a good nap and you’ll feel better” then proceeded to tuck it into his bed.  So sweet!

I was able to get home in time to catch the sunset yesterday.  I was literally driving and saying “come on, come on, come on” to the sky to hold that last bit of pink before everything went black.  I live near the water but certainly not on it.  I drove around in the neighborhood across the road that lines the water and found the perfect spot that I knew had to be there.  I always get a little nervous when I’m out taking pictures, especially when I’m literally jumping out of my car and running toward the water, that people are gonna yell at me to get off their property or whatever.  Needless to say I didn’t dilly-dally.  I hopped out of my car, walked swiftly over to the water’s edge and tried my best to get a beautiful shot.  I actually took several, I always do just in case, but this one was my favorite.  This is my favorite time of day.  When the sky looks like a painting and everthing else in the background is black.  I wonder what a fish eye lens would have done with this shot.  I think that will be my next camera purchase.  For the past few years I’ve had a wedding to do and I only charge them enough to get a new lens or something.  It’s affordable for them and I get a new toy.  However, I don’t have any lined up so I’ll just have to ask for one for my birthday or something.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.  It’s now the background on my computer at work.


I realized I was behind on posting my photos here.  I’ve  been putting them two places on Facebook so that’s thrown me off.  I think I’ve figured out how to only have to post it once on FB and then remember to post here.  We’ll see. 

Day 3: The spooky old tree!  Sometimes trees are more beautiful without all the leaves.  This tree is in the yard behind our house and has a weird looking branch that I’m not so convinced is a branch.  You can probably see what I mean.  It’s sticking straight up.  It looks like it could be a bird feeder, but why on earth would anyone put a feeder way up there.  How the heck would you refill it?  So, my next thought is it’s some sort of camera device spying on the neighborhood but mostly my house.  Yes, I’m a little paranoid. LOL  If you knew me well you’d know I have these random daydreams that are usually dramatic in nature.  For example, when I first spotted this “thing” in the tree, I day dreamed that someone was spying into my bedroom through that thing and I was a detective who figured it out and brought the person to justice (like a mini movie playing in my head).  I’ve been getting after Bill about installing some curtains but that hasn’t happened yet so I must still have my sanity and not really believe I’m being spied on. LOL  (And yes, I know how ridiculous this seems and I can laugh at myself.  I must watch too many movies. 🙂  I remember in Elementary School I used to get scolded by the teacher for day dreaming and not paying attention.  So, I still do it, I just found a way to not let teacher-type people realize it.  Anyway, enjoy the beauty of the tree and try not to think of my crazy day dreams…although some of them can be quite interesting and would make great movies. 😉


Day 4: Angelic tree stump. This stump was cut from an oak tree that fell in my dad’s yard after a major storm.  We brought some of the wood back to our house because Bill thought it was cool and had some big plan to do something with it like make a table or just a seat for parties in our back yard.  Big plans, little actual work on said plan.  Anyway, I noticed that at a certain angle it looked a little like an abstract angel.  See if you can see it.  I’ll keep it around like it’s a good luck charm.  My Aunt Linda is gonna love this picture since she collects angels.  I’ll have to send her a postcard of it now that I got my picture printer refill paper.  So excited!


I found this little cutie while walking around my yard.  It looked so lonely among the dead grass.  It must be so confused by all the warm weather we’ve had so far this winter.  The seasons have been really odd this past year.  It will be interesting to see how much they shift this year.  Maybe the world isn’t coming to an end, but maybe coming to an end as we know it as far as seasons go.  You can’t ignore the changes going on.  Scary stuff.  I tend to take lots of pictures outside so maybe I’ll be able to document this craziness with this project.

Either way, you can’t deny this is an adorable little buttercup.  🙂


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