Baby Belly

Posted on: January 6, 2012

I figured it was time for a baby update.  I’m 15 weeks along now and feeling great!  The first trimester was a bear so I’m happy to be done with it.  However, now that I have finally gained weight I am starting to feel fuller and noticed my pants are a little more snug that I’m comfy with.  So, thanks to Meme, I’m taking my Christmas gift card to Kohl’s and attempting to buy some maternity pants that don’t look ridiculous.  Before I go I will try on my pants from when I was pregnant with Jackson but I’m not hopeful they’ll fit comfortably.  Plus, I have a gift card!  Maybe I’ll buy myself a new purse too.  When I downsized to a smaller purse I got one that was just a little too shallow so it doesn’t close all the time.  I can hear my mother now “Friday is clean out your purse day!”.  Yes, I could do that, or I could use my gift card and get one that will close even when I don’t have time to clean it out.

So, back to bebe.  I remember when I first felt the flutters of Jackson moving the first time.  I was on the massage table and was extremely relaxed.  This time I was, crap, where was I….well, the second time I was at a breakfast meeting listening to our fearless leader inspire us to be bold.  I think the first time I was just sitting on the couch at home.  I’ve already got baby brain.  Ugh, and I just got my memory all the way back too. LOL  It literally feels like a butterfly in your belly.  At first you’re like, wait, what was that.  Eventually it sinks in that your baby is moving around in there.  I am excited to really feel this one move later on in pregnancy.  It was so much fun to put my hand on my belly and feel his arm or butt stick out.  So strange and yet so amazing.

I have my next midwife appointment next Friday and I’m not sure what they’ll do.  I’ll be 16 weeks so does that mean bloodwork?  I’ll probably call and see because if that’s the case, then I’ll need Bill to drive me.  I suck at bloodwork.  I quickly pass out unless there is a master flabotomist doing the job.  I’ll probably get to hear the heartbeat again and hopefully an ultrasound.  Bill and I have decided to wait and find out what we’re having when the baby arrives.  That’s what we did with Jackson and it was a wonderful surprise.  Although, I have to admit, a little more of me wants to know.  I could never keep that secret though.  The family was flipping out thinking we might find out what he/she is and it was getting on my nerves so I said “nope, not gonna find out”.  Too much pressure.  And what the heck does it matter?  You know I’m not the pink/blue type mommy and it annoys me when people assign gender roles right away and talk to them differently or think about them differently.  I mean, obviously boys and girls are different, but the way our society has gender roles set up, girls get the short end of the stick and are talked down to.  So, I’d rather delay that just in case I’m having a girl.

On another note, Jackson seems to be quite excited about his baby sister or brother.  We got him a baby doll for Christmas to teach him to be nurturing and get used to a baby and so far he’s been so good with it.  He even snuggled with it and said “Oh, I got you baby.  Here, take a good nap and you’ll feel better” then proceeded to tuck it into his bed.  So sweet!


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