Day 9, 10, 11 & 12: Playing catch up

Posted on: January 13, 2012

Day 9: It was rainy so I broke out my rain boots which took me forever to find.  I don’t mean they were hiding somewhere in my house.  I mean it took me about a year to find boots that would fit my calfs.  Luckily, these come up just under my calfs.  they’re quite comfy and make me look like a biker.  I love not getting my pants legs wet while walking on campus.  Wet pants legs are my second pet peeve right below wet socks.  Terrible feeling! LOL  I really wanted purple ones, but I wanted dry pant legs more than I wanted the boots to be purple so I got the first ones that fit.


Day 10: Traffic from hell!  On Tuesday a couple cars decided to either break down or run into each other in the tunnel that I have to go through to get home.  This resulted in me sitting in traffic for an hour.  It was not fun, until I turned the radio up and started dancing to “Walking On Sunshine”.  The sun was not shining, but you can’t help but feel happy when that song comes on.  I’m just saying, you’ll do anything to pass the time in that kind of traffic.  Well, maybe not anything, but I’ll car dance for sure.


Day 11: Wednesdays are my Stitch A Bit days.  I started a knitting group on campus in 2006.  Since then I have taught 67 students to knit.  (This is Vee, #67).  It has been a lot of fun for me and I have met a lot of great students.  This is also where I met my bestie Lisa.  In 2006 she came to SAB and we hit it off so well we decided to go to lunch together.  When I spilled food on my shirt and we both pulled out our stain removers from our purse, we both knew we were kindred spirits and we’ve been best friends ever since.  She’s even been there for the birth of my son and will be there for the birth of this baby to be.  She keeps me sane and laughing.  Thank goddess for her!  I actually taught #’s 65-67 this night and they all three picked knitting up very quickly.  I was super impressed!


Day 12:  I had to walk across campus to a meeting.  It was a gorgeous day and I loved seeing all the students walking this way and that across the Mall.  I just had to capture a picture of it.  I didn’t want to be so obvious about what I was doing so part of the picture is a big crack in the pavement.  But you can see some of the comings and goings.



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